On Sunday, August 20th, at 7:30 pm Pacific we will be hosting Greg Laurie's So-Cal Harvest Crusade with musical guests PHIL WICKHAM, BRENNELY BROWN, DANNY GOKEY, and JORDIN SPARKS!!! All you have to do is tune to www.racmanchristianradio.org and click to play!
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The Martin Family needs your assistance! Please read the story below, and then go to the site and give with your heart to help them reach $1120.00. Thank you!

The summer of 2017 is the hottest it's ever been with record breaking temperatures into the 110-degree mark. We have a faithful 93 Ford Explorer with a current R134 AC system in it, but the compressor is caput.  With my wife's health condition and being allergic to the sun because of an auto immune disease, no AC is a killer. Because the compressor is a goner, that means that all the components in the system (lines, filters, condenser, compressor) we do not have the resources to fix the issue.  Jesse transports his elderly clients in this vehicle and without AC, the health of those dear people is also in jeopardy. Please see it in your heart to give, so that we can fix the AC BEFORE the end of August. Thank you so much! Any amount, small or large will make a difference, so please give from the heart of generosity!

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